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MBRSG and Tabeer, Hand in Hand Journey to Success

Mohammed bin Rashid School of Government (MBRSG), was established in 2005 as the Dubai School of Government (DSG) in partnership with the Kennedy Collage in Harvard as the first academic research institution specializing in government administration and public policies in the Arab world.


MBRSG’s main objectives are to support government excellence processes in the UAE and the Arab world. This is accomplished through a comprehensive system of educational and training programs, research, and studies. Additionally, MBRSG aims to cultivate and develop future leaders.


In 2015, when DSG was preparing a launch under its new MBRSG brand name, which also coincided with the school’s tenth anniversary, they asked us at Tabeer to share our archive and records of the School’s milestones.


This came as no surprise. We’ve been working with the school since its (and our) early days in 2006, when the School was an office within Dubai Executive Office, and at which time Tabeer successfully translated and Arabized the complete Dubai Strategy Plan for the Dubai Executive Office. This led to their appointment as the official content and linguistic services provider from the start. Other entities within the Dubai Executive Office, including
DSG, were recommended to rely on Tabeer. As a result, Tabeer was a custodian of the School’s archive and history.


Currently MBRSG’s administrative structure currently includes business development, corporate communication, and support services. In addition to its rich website, MBRSG publishes a large number of
books, periodicals, publications, and marketing materials, all of which must consistently reflect the prestigious status of the School, which bears the name of H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai.


For almost two decades, MBRSG has relied on Tabeer as a natural extension of its team. Tabeer Linguistic Lab, proficiency and steadfast dedication to delivering reliable and top-notch services, have supported MBRSG in its enormous task of enriching and building its legacy through the rich knowledge it provides in its reports, research, books, publications and communications. With our full range of linguistic services, such as drafting questionnaires and 100-page reports, Arabization, localization, translation, and bilingual editing and proofreading, Tabeer ensured accuracy and consistency, built glossaries, and continued to evolve Arabic terminology compatible with the emerging English terminology for their written content in the fields of governance and public policy. While Tabeer Creative Lab provided graphic design services for the School’s books, periodicals, publications and marketing materials.
Continued Trust and Partnership
This collaboration has undergone dynamic growth, proving integral to multiple departments within MBRSG, spanning News, Marketing, and Research. MBRSG continues to consistently produce Arabic publications, reports and questionnaires, and to implement projects in Arabic, all of which complement their English language projects and initiatives. Relying on Tabeer’s linguistic expertise as a pivotal support for MBRSG’s substantial contribution at both the Dubai and UAE levels, including events such as the World Governments Summit and IBTEKR. This enduring partnership underscores the paramount importance of trust and transparent communication.