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Tabeer & Forbes Arabia: Setting the Tone for Business Journalism in the Arab Region

The Project:
Forbes Arabia was launched in Dubai, UAE, in May 2004, as an expansion of the journalistic heritage of Forbes International into the Arab world. The new publication was based on the leading international magazine’s strong foundation in finance and business. The majority of the new magazine’s content are translated articles from the American, European and Asian editions for Forbes.
The Challenge:
Forbes Arabia’s editorial management realized early on the extent of the challenges they faced:
> Mirroring the unique editing style of Forbes International
> Publishing the magazine on time in accordance with the highest journalistic standards;
> Committing to the monthly deadlines;

> The gravity and sensitivity of the information presented in the magazine, and the editorial responsibility underpinning it. 

Tabeer, The Ideal Partner:
Forbes Arabia decided to reach out to Tabeer, in order to allow the magazine’s editorial team to focus their efforts on their core tasks; covering and preparing locally edited material related to Arab markets.
Tabeer’s Approach:
> Study Forbes International in terms of editorial policy, journalistic language, and style.
> Hold workshops for our team to ensure a comprehensive understanding of how financial
markets, stock exchanges, trading, entrepreneurship, and pioneering projects operate.
> Prepare a glossary of economic and financial terminology used in the magazine, as well as the latest economic studies, and in the American, British, and Asian press.
Tabeer and Forbes Arabia Over the Years:
A strong and direct relationship quickly developed between Tabeer and Forbes Arabia, particularly with the magazine’s editor-in-chief, Dr. Sulaiman Al-Hattlan, expressing his admiration for the translations we provided. We continue to be proud to have played a vital role in the success of Forbes Arabia.


Tabeer consistently met Forbes Arabia’s requirements and exceed its expectations in terms of:
> Delivering large quantities of materials within the sometimes quite tight deadlines, allowing
the magazine to be issued on time, in addition to ensuring a stock of reserve materials to be used in emergency circumstances.
> Maintaining the highest standards of accuracy of sensitive information.
> Ensuring translations are culturally aware.
> Delivering materials that meet publish ready and to the satisfaction of the editorial team.
> Providing additional value to support the original content to address Arab readers, and meet their specific needs, style, and taste.
> Adding a unique and original, high-level Arab cultural touch to the magazine’s translated material.
The Results:
Forbes Arabia rapidly established itself as a leading publication in the world of Arab financial and business journalism. Over several years, and up to the publication of its latest issue, Forbes Arabia consistently set the tone and pace for business journalism in the Arab region. This achievement is attributed to the accurate and eloquent Arabic journalistic language, which not only met but also surpassed the sophistication of Forbes’s editions published in other languages.