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About Tabeer
The Founders
In 2003, the first seeds of Tabeer were sown in Dubai, a dynamic and cosmopolitan city known for its vibrant cultural, economic, and urban growth. Following three years of successful experimental projects, Tabeer was officially established in 2006, bringing together the vision of Maher Al Junaidy – an experienced journalist and writer who held key positions in reputable regional and international media platforms, with the aspirations of Fadwa Al Qasem – a bilingual published author and talented mixed media artist.
Driven by the synergy of their genuine passion, their aspiration to enhance the landscape of civilized cultural exchange, and create cultural bridges of communication between peoples and communities in Arab countries and beyond, Tabeer provides rich, culturally intelligent content and comprehensive linguistic services that keep pace with the rapid development the region has witnessed since Tabeer was first launched.
Words Connecting Cultures
At Tabeer, we live by our tagline. As the first agency in Dubai to focus on multilingual content development, and with a rich experience spanning 17 years, our tagline encapsulates our commitment to bridging linguistic and cultural gaps.
Tabeer is the partner for leveraging words and connecting cultures across the globe, with a focus on enabling academic, research, marcomms and cultural entities to harness the power of the written word in their publications and collateral.
Why Tabeer?

A boutique agency with global reach which offers its partners culturally intelligent content consultation and development, as well as written word, localization, transcreation, linguistic solutions, and growth digital marketing, thus allowing them to focus on their core business.

More than 200 organizations worldwide have benefitted from Tabeer’s solutions and expertise in diverse cases that supported their projects, initiatives, related publications, collaterals, reports, research, annual reports, periodicals, magazines, journals, booklets, white papers, websites and more.
Why Tabeer
To contribute toward a world where everyone is heard, respected, and valued, regardless of the language they speak. connect people across cultures and continents.
To provide exceptional content, linguistic, and digital marketing solutions that support our partners in connecting with audiences around the world, sharing their message with the global community, expanding their reach, making a positive impact, and achieving their goals.
Our Values
Cultured vision
Courageous Ideas
Cool use of modern tools
Creative execution
Curious to know more
Our Core Team

Ali Amad

Senior Editor

Nizar Saqer

Senior Translator

Suzanne Kazan

Senior Translator

Hani Al Qasem

Senior Editor


Farah Al Khatib

Business Development Manager

Fawaz Jarah

Senior Editor

Advisory Council

Maher Al Junaidy

Co-Founder & Editorial Advisor 

Fadwa Al Qasem

Co-Founder & Creative Advisor

Yassin Nasri

Strategic Marketing & Innovation Advisor


Dr. Ayman Al Khanbouli

Strategic Marketing & Business Development Advisor