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Tabeer acts as a natural extension to your team, supporting your efforts with culturally intelligent content consultation and development, linguistic services, and growth digital marketing.
Tabeer is The Partner for leveraging words and connecting cultures across the globe, with a focus on enabling academic, research, marcomms and cultural entities to harness the power of the written word in their publications and collateral.
Empower Your Brand Expression

Our efforts are dedicated to harnessing the power of the word, and delivering culturally intelligent content and linguistic services, ensuring your collateral is rich, informative and eloquent.

Enhance Your Online Presence

Our team will collaborate closely with you to design and execute tailored digital marketing strategies that align with your growth objectives and drive your business towards unparalleled success.

Amplify Your Cultural Impact

We are committed to supporting your aspirations in creating a significant cultural impact. With our track record, passion, and expertise, we deliver exceptional solutions and services to help you create the impact you seek in the cultural sphere.
Dr. Tarik M. Yousef

Arabic translation that combines technical accuracy with respect for the overall style and flavor of the translated work is difficult to achieve. Tabeer consistently meets that challenge.

Najdat Boukarroum
Najdat BouKarroum
Senior Marketing Communications Advisor, KAUST

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) has been working with Tabeer for almost 7 years now. Tabeer was always our go to when we needed to “Arabize” any piece of content. Their team (with the guidance and supervision of Fadwa and Maher) are always ready to assist and support. Their multidimensional skills and services have been key contributions to our successful partnership. If you are looking for a reliable partner to help provide your multilingual creative services, Tabeer is one of the best if not the only.

Trek Kassar
Tarek Kassar
Director of Marketing, Pesticides Manufacturing and Consultancy

One of the best translation firms in the whole region. I was extremely happy with the work they produced and the client-agency relationship. They never failed or disappointed me, and they never lowered their writing quality standards or client servicing. I always recommend them to any marketing professional who would like to receive the best translation ever.

Saskia Marsh
Hope and Play

Hope and Play is a UK-based charity. We work with local and community groups in Palestine and the Palestinian refugee camps to deliver projects for the benefit of children living in harsh environments. To do that effectively, we need the communication between us here in the UK and the local Palestinian groups we partner with to be accurate and take into account the cultural differences in how we communicate. Tabeer has been kind enough to volunteer its services in translating our communications between Arabic and English, and this has resulted in us moving initiatives forward much faster and more precisely than before. The great quality and fast turnaround has made our operations much smoother than before, and we are very lucky to have found such skills so generously offered.


It is most important to note that our clients have all been pleased with the services provided by Tabeer and therefore we are pleased to recommend them and thank them for their work.

Victoria Manukian
CRM Manager
Fendi - Middle East and India

It’s a pleasure to work with Tabeer team, highly professional, always on time, ready to exceed expectations, available and pleasant. Translation of 73 page document took only a few days, and they were always ready to assist with amendment and changes.

Highest appreciation to Fadwa, Hazar, Anna and the whole team. it’s a pleasure working with you.

Farah Sawaf
Managing Director
Soul Communications

We at Soul Communications have been working with Tabeer for over a year, mainly  for translation services converting our PR material to Arabic. I can honestly say that our partnership has extremely professional, friendly, consistent and most importantly- accurate! Whether we use the services for marketing material or sending to the media- it is always spot-on and just what we want.  The entire Tabeer team is a pleasure to work with.

Heba Shaaban
Acting Publications Manager
Mohammed Bin Rashid School of Government

Mohammed Bin Rashid School of Government (formerly Dubai School of Government) has been working with Tabeer for the past four years.

Tabeer has been a reliable partner for our translation, design, and printing needs.

We are delighted with the quality and timeliness of services.

Rania Kfoury
The Qode
Account Manager

I’ve been working with Tabeer for many years now and they are definitely The Qode’s content providers of choice. We now think of them as an extension of our team.  They are a great team to work with. They are dedicated and strive to understand and deliver the content you need exactly how and when you need it at very competitive prices. Highly recommend!

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Ludo Verheyen
MTE Studios

We are most impressed with the collaboration we received from Tabeer. Their expertise in localizing and Arabizing the entire exhibition’s content ensured that the beauty, significance and legacy of Muslim innovators and Ibn Battuta’s journey were effectively conveyed to our Arabic-speaking visitors. The success of this magnificent project, and the subsequent exhibitions, ‘1000 Years of Knowledge Rediscovered’ and ‘Sultans of Science’ have exceeded our expectations, and Tabeer played a crucial role in making it all happen.

Andy Hayes
Managing Partner

Tabeer’s team brings not just technical linguistic expertise but empathy and emotion, to ensure that written content is perfectly pitched to audiences. They are sensitive to different cultures and brands’ tone of voice. The perfect partner for agencies and brands in the Middle East who seek to connect with audiences through the written word.

Suzi Mirgani
Managing Editor at Georgetown University

We have worked with Tabeer for many years and have received top-quality translations of English to Arabic text from her organization. These are often complex academic works on a variety of social science and political science topics, all of which have been published and widely circulated. It has been a pleasure and a privilege.

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