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Global Entrepreneurship Speaking Arabic with Arab Youth

The Project:
Silatech is an international development nonprofit non-governmental organization that continues the realization of sustainable development goals through the economic empowerment of youth. Two main domains constitute Silatech’s profile: employment and enterprise development.
The Challenge:
Silatech was in search of the ideal partner with expertise in Arabization. Their main goal is communicating with Arab youth and promoting the culture of economic and social entrepreneurship in the Arabic Language because Arabic is the foundation of Silatech’s activities and literature. It was also important for Silatech to Arabize some of their prestigious partners’ important literature.


To address these challenges, Silatech undertook the initiative of issuing a tender, inviting proposals for a partnership from agencies capable of meeting their exacting technical and financial requirements.
> Specialized Arabization Expertise: A partner with an extensive, successful track record and history in the field of Arabizing a wide variety of content for the public and private sectors.
> Sustaining Coherence and Consistency: An agency that could consistently ensure quality, accuracy, and cultural resonance when translating and adapting crucial materials into Arabic, whilst also ensuring that Silatech’s mission delivered to their audience in Arabic remains cohesive, strong, consistent, and comprehensive.
> High Service Levels and Support: Silatech’s work necessitates high levels of responsiveness and support. In order to meet their tight deadlines, and unwavering demands on quality work, they sought a partner who shares these values.
Tabeer Awarded the Tender
Tabeer emerged as the best agency to support Silatech because we were able to demonstrate key elements that were vital to this partnership:
> Dedication and commitment
> Accuracy
> Arabization that is accessible to Arab-speaking youth
> A strong understanding of the Arab world and its culture, and the production of work that reflects this cultural awareness.
Silatech and Tabeer Over the Years
Tabeer continued to support Silatech in various fields:

> Arabization and linguistic services for Silatech’s projects with high-profile partners including the World Economic Forum, the Global Entrepreneurship Observatory, and the Global Entrepreneurship Week.

> Arabizing learning platforms for Silatech’s educational partners including courseware from Alison and Coursera.

> Localization and Arabization of the Apps developed by Silatech for Arab Youth.

> Transcreation and desktop publishing
Tabeer’s objective was to always deliver technical accuracy, whilst also being respectful of Silatech’s style, tone of voice, and important messaging and conveying the same in clear, accessible Arabic that serves to engage, inform and impact Arab youth – a vital component to the success of Silatech’s initiatives.

This was particularly important for the Arabization of the learning and training materials, where accessibility in terms of language, syntax, tone of voice and style, meant that students would gain beneficial knowledge.
The Results
Silatech succeeded in reaching and engaging in Arabic with its partners, target audience, and Arab youth across the Arab World. Silatech was also better able to communicate and support its partners, allies and youth-facing organizations in Arabic, in addition to issuing key publications, launching large educational initiatives, and making available educational content from Alison and Coursera to Arab youth. Leveraging Tabeer’s linguistic expertise proved instrumental in supporting Silatech’s impactful initiatives, projects and publications.


The Arabic collateral developed by Tabeer in collaboration with Silatech’s team has become a recognized and acknowledged standard of quality.


“Arabic translation that combines technical accuracy with respect for the overall style and flavor of the translated work is difficult to achieve. Tabeer consistently meets that challenge.” Dr. Tarik M. Yousef, ex CEO, Silatech.