You need to work with a supplier who fully understands your concerns. ICT is a highly specialized field that comes with its own needs and issues.
Over the decade we have been in business, many international names have come to Tabeer because they want to be sure that the Arabization of their ICT documentation, literature and information actually makes sense in Arabic. Whether it’s for their publications, websites, software or manuals.
Would it be enough to mention projects such as the full Arabization of PC Magazine Arabic edition? And Internet Arab World magazine?
How about clients such as Sakhr Software Co.? You know, only one of the biggest, well established, and highly reputable Arabic language software company? Or Toshiba? Hewlett-Packard? Or the many other leading technology companies in the USA, Japan and Korea?
Tabeer’s team have worked on and enriched technical dictionaries and glossaries that are powerful and comprehensive enough to let you know you are in the right hands when you come to us for your Arabization needs.